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Motivating and Leading Thousands of Employees with Salvador Barra

So many times in our dreams we see ourselves leading big organizations. What is interesting about today’s guest is that he never had that dream. But he’s lived the dream anyway. We’ll explore leading multi-national companies with thousands of employees because you were just who was needed at the that right time.

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Moving Business Forward By Empowering The World’s Consultants With Chris Mason

Wouldn’t you like to become a world traveler with  audiences gathering to hear your every thought? How about if you ran a few large industrial companies at the same time? All while building a leading world-wide consulting practice? Today’s guest is all that and he’s here to tell his story on how leadership in thought and action makes the difference.

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Walking the Halls of Congressional Power, Politics and Purpose with Jim Bates

Today we speak with a gentleman who has walked with the greats in the halls of power. From the marine corp to congress he has maintained his own style and life philosophy. Stay with us for a deeper look inside the mind and machinations of politics, power and purpose.

Former congressman Jim Bates reveals the ways of national leadership and politics from the big view.

The Joy of Conscious Capitalism with R. Michael Anderson

Ask yourself this question: do I have joy in my life? Sure you are successful. You are a leader. But, really can you say you get joy in your leadership role? 

We explore that question as we talk about executives finding fulfillment for themselves, their employees, business and customers by practicing conscious capitalism.

R. Michael Anderson, M.B.A., M.A., is creator of The Executive JOY Institute, which specializes in developing authentic happiness in leaders through speaking, facilitation, writing and online courses. Michael is the founder of three successful international software companies, a former professional basketball player and has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. He brings to the table a rich blend of education and experience to instruct clients in the use of powerful transformative tools to elevate and enrich their lives.
His recent book, The Experiment: Discover a Revolutionary Way to Manage Stress and Achieve Work-Life Balance, is a best seller in the Business Leadership Training category.

Find out more about his work at www.executivejoy.com.


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Seven Disciplines of a Leader with Jeff Wolf

It’s rare to find effective advise, which is hard won in the halls of leadership today. In this episode we explore how we all can up our skills, practice and effectiveness across the seven most critical functions of leadership. We talk with executive coach, consultant, speaker and the author of the new book, Seven Disciplines of a Leader, Jeff Wolf.

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Known for his deep thoughts on building corporate leadership, our guest is really a rockstar. And a VC/Private Equity guy. And a martial arts instructor. And a psychologist. Bring all these diverse ideas together and you will see leading edge ideas which work in the field for running a company, growing every employee in the business and maintaining your ethics, too.


We talk today with WD-40’s, Vice President of Global Organization Development, Stan Sewitch.

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Leadership is not just about the person who is in charge. Leadership is also about the environment and conditions which allow leaders to flourish with their ideas, products and organizations. Today on Leadership Point Radio we explore leadership of emerging companies from the viewpoint of advisors. If you want to know how to start, fund and reach success with your company stay with us.


We’ll explore practical fund raising business structure ideas from our guest, Bill Eigner, known as the go-to-guy for start-ups.

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This time we talk about leadership beyond the worldwide thoughts of our prior shows. We?re exploring leadership in the new space race. Where do humans go next? Who is going? And how? Which government or country is taking the lead? Or is government and political stance even part of space development anymore? / / Leadership beyond the edge on today?s episode of Leadership Point Radio
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New ideas and the entrepreneurs who have those ideas need a fertile ground to spread and grow. If the area you choose is too hard or without nourishment that alone could doom your idea to failure. Today we explore with a deep thinker what it take to grow a space which nourishes entrepreneurs and their ideas.

Continuing with our series on biotechnology and healthcare, this week we look at San Diego’s role in international and American medical innovation. San Diego hosts the major international biotech conference this year. We’ll explore who is coming, what these leaders are talking about and why it’s important to the future of healthcare for all of us.

This time we are talking about our personal experience with disease leading to truly effective, targeted treatments. This is a leadership idea at the painful intersection of medicine and society.


We speak with Kyle Brown who founded Patients Crossroads to gather and cross pollinate the true effects of rare and common disease affecting everyone and their families.

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We all know that the medical industry is spread across every continent. It’s rare for a medical or pharmaceutical company to only work in one country these days.


But, how does someone with an idea or novel research gain entry into this global industry?


Today’s interview is about one such effort to reach across the oceans in building answers to many of our biggest health care issues.


Thomas Mortensen joins us from the Medicon Valley region of Scandinavia as we explore business building in the health care industry.

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This episode is one the most important we will ever broadcast. We’re talking about protecting our daughters and sons from the serious danger living among us. We’ll explore the movement to protect our children from sexual predators, and a new film telling the stories of tragedy and survival of families across the country.


There are few film projects that one can knowingly enter into that will leave a legacy far beyond the box office or talent attached. “Chelsea’s Law” is exactly that. It’s the most important film on the Intelliscape slate, as far as making a difference in society. The subject matter is keeping child predators in prison, one strike. San Diego teenager Chelsea King was brutally raped and murdered by a former child predator in 2010. Her parents, Brent and Kelly, along with Chelsea’s stoic brother Tyler, have made it their mission to ensure other teens and pre adolescents are safer for generations to come by spearheading Chelsea’s Law in California.

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If you remember your early twenties you were probably still enjoying all night parties, wondering what to do with your life and how you could really change the world.  Today's guest, Kelvin Chan, still in his twenties, had done it.

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Leadership develops over time and experience. Time to build ideas and dreams. If you are all about ideas pushing toward execution, then you will enjoy today’s interview of a world class idea traveler.


It’s an interview which takes us across four totally different industries and five continents.

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Just put yourself in the situation where you are enjoying your Sunday and out of nowhere you get a call. You are now, without warning, the leader of a multi-million dollar organization with very high visibility and thousands of stakeholders. The prior CEO
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Suppose you needed to grow the business climate in a region or even improve a country’s economic strength. You’re part of the government or perhaps a leader with a large business anchoring the existing business region. 

What could you do to encourage and strengthen the future of existing markets and launch new entrepreneurial business? Today’s interview is with a person who is making a difference in over 25 countries through ideas, investments, and nurturing.

Greg Horowitt brings his experience to our show with his insights as a meta-entrepreneur influencing development in over 25 countries.

How do you grow a service company when your whole staff could easily leave you to take a top position at another firm? That’s the story we’ll hear today. Our guest, Wayne Pinnell, found the secret to motivating his staff so well that his firm is the fastest growing CPA firm and winner, two years running, as the best place to work in Orange County.

Wayne dives deep in to how communication, engagement, skill building and passion for the client motivate the firm members. We don’t stop there though. Since it’s early in the year this is a great time for an update on some of the regulatory and compliance issues business will face this year. Along with some practical advise every business needs to know to just get to the finish line.

Rarely do you hear passion and commitment from a CPA like you’ll hear on today’s interview with Wayne Pinnell.

Stuart Ross hails from Nottingham, England as head of the High Growth Academy and top selling author. Stuart’s successfully consulted with over 500 firms to produce over £3bn in company revenue in the UK alone. He’s here to break down the nine habits to reaching high growth personally as a leader and reveals the five aspects for a company to reach the true and rare high growth pace.

Join us for this very clear and practical interview.

Stuart Ross is the founder of the High Growth www.high-growth.co.uk He works with the ambitious directors of fast-growing businesses who recognize that, to achieve and sustain high growth they need cutting edge skills and the proven strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Having successfully launched businesses for Alliance Boots and consulted over 500 high growth businesses in Europe, the US and Asia, he developed High Growth after recognizing the lack of quality support offered.

As a keynote speaker, his style is challenging, honest and goading. Free of business school hyperbole and rhetoric, he makes his audience think and offers practical solutions.

With over 20 years’ international business experience, his broad expertise covers business strategy, marketing, sales, international business, ecommerce, acquisitions, new product development and human resource management.

Stuart has personally conceived, developed and implemented new products and services that have generated sales within the UK of over £3bn and received prestigious awards in the UK and Japan. Meanwhile, his “groundbreaking” e-book Secrets of High Growth Companies is a business best seller.

High Growth provides an integrated approach to supporting fast growing businesses through coaching, training and an online academy. The academy is a high growth online community, which shares the secrets of success with all businesses. For a one-off fee, it offers organizations access to the same cutting edge training videos, skills and tools used by the fastest growing businesses in the world at the time they need it.

Alongside his numerous speaking engagements, regular contribution to the BBC and business press and lecturing at Nottingham University Business School, Stuart also is coach to a number of business leaders in the UK.

“Textbook theories are inappropriate for growing businesses.” – Stuart Ross.

Visionary leadership development master for the top leaders of our day, Will Marré, joins us. He is the emmy-award winning writer, speaker and expert on 21st century leadership to Cisco, Nike, GE, GAP, Disney and more.

Will’s message is simple, Purpose drives leadership. You’ll hear about the real, measurable results achieved when a leader answers the Why Question with everyone first. Will’s stories of the founding of the Covey Leadership Center with Stephen Covey and other stories of leading organizations enthrall us. And it’s not just business, hear how the entire way of conducting military campaigns was changes through leadership. Leadership methods which apply just as well for business and non-profits. Will concludes with some of the most practice advice ever on effective engagement and leadership for today’s work force. Advice which everyone can use today to see immediate growth.  Join us for this fast-paced and deep interview.

Interview bio/story

Will Marré (rhymes with “Hooray!”) is the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center which brought The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to millions worldwide. Today he is CEO of the REALeadership Alliance which conducts ongoing research on business innovation strategies of today’s most admired leaders. Will’s primary work is coaching and partnering with CEOs using a proprietary process—5 Star Leadership—to thaw frozen bureaucracies and heat up agile cultures to win in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Will also co-founded the Seacology Foundation, the only conservation organization dedicated to saving the fragile environments and cultures of islanders, especially in the South Pacific. An acclaimed speaker, Will received an Emmy Award® for writing the PBS learning documentary Reclaiming Your American Dream. Will was recently featured by the University of California TV (UCTV) for his online course, Turn your Superpower into your Career. Will serves on the leadership faculty of UCSD Extension, is the visiting Scholar of Social Enterprise at Clemson University and is a former Leadership Scholar in Residence of The University of San Diego.

He is the author of Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner and his soon to be released, BAM: Unleashing the 5 Forces of Leadership.

In 2004 Will founded The American Dream Project to ignite leaders of the future to develop and find the ideas, tools and relationships they need to create sustainable abundance.

As a speaker, coach or consultant Will is dead serious with a humorous style.  He connects up-to-minute research with clear insights into a river of powerful ideas.  As a leadership expert and an unrelenting advocate for a sustainable future, Will always transforms your most relevant business problems into an unconventional approach to opportunity,  and does it with infectious passion.

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We have a rare treat for you on this show. We'll explore leadership in the fast lane and on a world scale. Today we're taking on motorsports racing, rising above your education, avoiding being thrown overboard on oil tankers, meeting world leaders and feeling the inspiration of leaders like Nelson Mandela. Are you intriqued? Then join me as we talk with Alex Robertson.

Born in Edinburgh the Capitol of Scotland. Educated there.  My first real job was as a cadet officer (deck) on Shell Tankers. I sailed half the way around the world before I was 17.  I have lived as an adult in Five Continents: In Scotland, Holland, South Africa (pre and post-Apartheid), Namibia, Swaziland, Australia, People’s Republic of China and now USA.

 I managed the development of the world’s first digital set-top-box (STB) that went into the international markets; the first professional video over internet protocol (IP) edge gateway – which is used in nearly all sports stadiums in the US and Canada today to carry the TV signal out of the stadiums.

I used to fly physically around the world every eight to twelve weeks for almost ten years.  I have met and done business directly with many Prime Ministers and leading world industrialists.  I am CEO of my third successful business and love helping start-up and middle size companies (business turn-around).

I have played top level rugby in Scotland and South Africa.  I played my last game at 48 in France.  I have raced cars professionally in Scotland, England, Europe, South Africa and in NASCAR in the USA.  I love wine, art, nature and beautiful ladies! 

Leadership comes from many sources and angles. Grassroot movements based on passion is one of those sources. Today we talk about grassroots organizing for scientists with Mary Canady.

Mary Canady, Ph.D., is the founder of Comprendia, a firm specializing in helping biotechnology and life science companies grow through the creation, commercialization, and communication of value. Dr. Canady was a research scientist for ten years and worked for eight years in biotechnology marketing and business development at Life Technologies, EMD Millipore, and startup companies. In 2008, she founded Comprendia, leveraging social media to build an extensive network of 20,000 life science and biotechnology professionals. Comprendia relies on this social media expertise in working with more than 15 life science companies to help them engage with their customers, strengthen their online brand, and ultimately to thrive in the new media economy.

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Change is hard for most everyone. Dave Chaudron shows us how lead critical changes in an organization which have lasting success.  This is part B of our interview.  Part A can be listened to at LPR-106.

David has 30 years of practical experience working with a variety of manufacturing and service firms, assisting them in assessment, strategic planning, teambuilding and leadership development.  He has published over 15 practical articles on surveys, teamwork, re-engineering, TQM and organizational change and recently released books, "Nailing Strategy Jelly to your Business Tree: Plan the Future, Develop a Plan, Manage Change",  "Master of all you Survey: How to use Surveys to improve Organizations, Teams and Leaders", and "No More Darn Buzzwords: Keys to Successful Organized Change". His national/international clients include those in manufacturing, banking, finance, telecommunications/cement, biopharma, petrochemicals, electronics and aerospace in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait. He has spoken at numerous national and local conferences and been a major speaker at internationally broadcast teleconferences to over 1,000,000 people on TQM , re-engineering, systems thinking and strategic planning.

Change is hard for most everyone. Dave Chaudron shows us how lead critical changes in an organization which have lasting success.

David has 30 years of practical experience working with a variety of manufacturing and service firms, assisting them in assessment, strategic planning, teambuilding and leadership development.  He has published over 15 practical articles on surveys, teamwork, re-engineering, TQM and organizational change and recently released books, "Nailing Strategy Jelly to your Business Tree: Plan the Future, Develop a Plan, Manage Change",  "Master of all you Survey: How to use Surveys to improve Organizations, Teams and Leaders", and "No More Darn Buzzwords: Keys to Successful Organized Change". His national/international clients include those in manufacturing, banking, finance, telecommunications/cement, biopharma, petrochemicals, electronics and aerospace in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait. He has spoken at numerous national and local conferences and been a major speaker at internationally broadcast teleconferences to over 1,000,000 people on TQM , re-engineering, systems thinking and strategic planning.

In this brief overview, I talk about the upcoming shows and the reason I am building this program.

I'm really glad you are here and look forward offering you great programs.


Host and Publisher of Leadership Point Radio

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Growing leaders is hard in our conflicted and over-stimulated world. Today we hear for Edie Kay about leadership in relationships and developing leadership in your children.

Interview bio/story
Edie Kay, founder of edk Coaching and Creator of "Simple Love. Simple Life." - an online Transformational Coaching Program, is dedicated to helping people get MORE out of their relationships and get MORE out of life. Her solutions to today's frustrations and challenges are simple, effective and action oriented.  Edie's has an unparalleled ability to connect with her clients by being 100% authentic and transparent, which creates the level of trust and engagement necessary to affect real change.

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We don’t often think of sales as a place of leadership except just many money. Today will talk with Joe Petrone about real leadership to change the world for the better and doing through sales.

Interview bio/story
International commercial leader with a track record of transformational success over 20+ years working across various industries.

My brand is focused on making my place of work simply the best place to work – and for our customers to see our organization as best- in- class in our industry.

I passionately believe that people are the key to extraordinary success.

Every day, I seek to create a learning and collaborative environment where new business development and key customer cultivation is innovative with a focus on advancing our customer’s vision, mission and business results. My teams’ often comment on their great learning experiences, which makes for satisfying and fulfilling jobs, attracting top talent leading to retaining our key customers.

While I am in a player/coach role today and deliver extraordinary results, I find great reward in inspiring my team to contribute beyond their boundaries. I believe in unleashing the power of people - both in my organization and my customer’s organization.

Anything not founded on personal and team accountability is doomed to failure, and with this ethos, I thrive for a consistency in leadership principles and values from those around me.

I do best in the most challenging environments –be it economically, revitalization of a team or simply finding a way to accelerate results in the shortest and most ethical path possible. As I have mentioned to my teams, adversity will come. It is not the size of the gap that matters rather courage, determination and wise persistence to reach one’s goal.

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This is the interview which started the idea for a radio program dedicated to leadership. In this discussion with Kobe Bogaert, Dick Effle and me, Steve Scott, we explore servant leadership and how to use it rescue a failing company.

Steve Scott brings an unique perspective to the table with his 25 years of executive, project and board experience. He will share his experiences on how different leadership styles drive success at the company. Steve has been involved with two company turn-arounds and will share his perspective on how building the culture through leadership is a cornerstone to success. Listen to this show to see how this makes a difference in turnaround and rescue situations.

Kobe Bogaert consults with executives who value innovation and execution excellence.  Kobe’s firm, Strategic Momentum, provides cross-functional teams with the skills, methods and tools to significantly increase employee engagement resulting in innovation and execution excellence throughout the organization.

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Can you image being able to think out your strategy in leadership, communications and even networking? That’s what today’s guest, Michael Young, has done. And it changed his life.

Interview bio/story
Michael is an accomplished, pharmaceutical and biotech executive with award-winning marketing and commercial operations credentials. He is Vice President, Alliance Management at a global Contract Research Organization (CRO) which provides clinical trial and strategic drug development services to clients worldwide. He specifically directs the company’s corporate collaborations.

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