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In this brief overview, I talk about the upcoming shows and the reason I am building this program.

I'm really glad you are here and look forward offering you great programs.


Host and Publisher of Leadership Point Radio

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Growing leaders is hard in our conflicted and over-stimulated world. Today we hear for Edie Kay about leadership in relationships and developing leadership in your children.

Interview bio/story
Edie Kay, founder of edk Coaching and Creator of "Simple Love. Simple Life." - an online Transformational Coaching Program, is dedicated to helping people get MORE out of their relationships and get MORE out of life. Her solutions to today's frustrations and challenges are simple, effective and action oriented.  Edie's has an unparalleled ability to connect with her clients by being 100% authentic and transparent, which creates the level of trust and engagement necessary to affect real change.

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We don’t often think of sales as a place of leadership except just many money. Today will talk with Joe Petrone about real leadership to change the world for the better and doing through sales.

Interview bio/story
International commercial leader with a track record of transformational success over 20+ years working across various industries.

My brand is focused on making my place of work simply the best place to work – and for our customers to see our organization as best- in- class in our industry.

I passionately believe that people are the key to extraordinary success.

Every day, I seek to create a learning and collaborative environment where new business development and key customer cultivation is innovative with a focus on advancing our customer’s vision, mission and business results. My teams’ often comment on their great learning experiences, which makes for satisfying and fulfilling jobs, attracting top talent leading to retaining our key customers.

While I am in a player/coach role today and deliver extraordinary results, I find great reward in inspiring my team to contribute beyond their boundaries. I believe in unleashing the power of people - both in my organization and my customer’s organization.

Anything not founded on personal and team accountability is doomed to failure, and with this ethos, I thrive for a consistency in leadership principles and values from those around me.

I do best in the most challenging environments –be it economically, revitalization of a team or simply finding a way to accelerate results in the shortest and most ethical path possible. As I have mentioned to my teams, adversity will come. It is not the size of the gap that matters rather courage, determination and wise persistence to reach one’s goal.

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This is the interview which started the idea for a radio program dedicated to leadership. In this discussion with Kobe Bogaert, Dick Effle and me, Steve Scott, we explore servant leadership and how to use it rescue a failing company.

Steve Scott brings an unique perspective to the table with his 25 years of executive, project and board experience. He will share his experiences on how different leadership styles drive success at the company. Steve has been involved with two company turn-arounds and will share his perspective on how building the culture through leadership is a cornerstone to success. Listen to this show to see how this makes a difference in turnaround and rescue situations.

Kobe Bogaert consults with executives who value innovation and execution excellence.  Kobe’s firm, Strategic Momentum, provides cross-functional teams with the skills, methods and tools to significantly increase employee engagement resulting in innovation and execution excellence throughout the organization.

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Can you image being able to think out your strategy in leadership, communications and even networking? That’s what today’s guest, Michael Young, has done. And it changed his life.

Interview bio/story
Michael is an accomplished, pharmaceutical and biotech executive with award-winning marketing and commercial operations credentials. He is Vice President, Alliance Management at a global Contract Research Organization (CRO) which provides clinical trial and strategic drug development services to clients worldwide. He specifically directs the company’s corporate collaborations.

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